infusing castor oil with calendula bloomsHi folks.
I want to share with you about some awesome products made with calendula infused oil.

Take a look at the picture of the herbs soaking in that beautiful warm oil! The herb calendula is a magical skin healer. It has been used since ancient civilizations to heal the epidermis. There are even calendula blooms in the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt.

I cook calendula blooms in castor oil to infuse the oil with the healing properties of the herb. After the herbs are strained from the oil, we have a very useful healing ingredient to add to our products. Our Healing Ointment has been very helpful to many of our customers. Casey makes it using the calendula oil and five additional ingredients to help heal irritated and itchy skin conditions. Our customers use it for eczema, rashes, abrasions, or other skin products with calendula infused oilailments.

We also make a Keister Kreme for the bicyclists. It has the calendula oil and other natural ingredients to help heal the chaffing and sore bottoms of the busy cyclist.

Kendra, the soap maker, adds the oil-soaked calendula buds to our Chillax soap. It is a delight to the skin, and scented with lavender and lemongrass essential oils.

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